dealscambridge soundworks i720 radio white for $64.99


Web page has Javascript on the download manual button which successfully prevents me from viewing the manual, instead sending me to Adobe, even on a right click.

I have had a Cambridge SoundWorks 730 radio for many years. Tried it in 3 different residences. Always poor FM reception. External antenna input works only with provided antenna (a 3' wire). Any more substantial antenna detunes the receiver so that stations show up all over the frequency range.

So my question, does anybody know how FM works on this model?


@aojle: That's strange. I have the HD version of this (the 820HD), and the FM is pretty awesome. I use a dipole antenna, though. The digital output is actually incredibly accurate even when I hooked it up to my high-end system (the tuner there is an Accuphase T-1000). It compares 1/100th the price. LoL