deals$5 off (per ticket) fandango movie ticket…


I'm just being taken to Skyfall as well. Is it working for anyone at this point?


Not sure if it's a regional thing, but I keep getting redirected to Skyfall. Tried both links. Too bad....good deal


Probably sold out. Redirected to a page that said "Available Nov 26-Dec 9, While supplies last..."


@teenracer6: I think it is dead. I bought my tickets a little bit ago and it is now not working for me either.


I tried copying and pasting the link, but I get this message.

"Sorry, this promotion is only valid between November 26, 2012 - December 9, 2012. While supplies last. "

Dead? Or am I doing something wrong?


Thank you very much for this link! Saved $5 dollars on the upcoming Hobbit movie!


this would've been nice to have when i pre-purchased for reservoir dogs and pulp fiction.

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@jagrpuck: thx for the help! Yes, it seems the link is broken, but if you copy and paste that link it works.

@coondogg97: Yeah, great for multiple accounts, but if I read the details correctly, you could purchase several on each account and it would work as well. $5 each ticket (not just account) is how I read it.


AWESOME! Going to the movies tomorrow and this works out perfectly.

Picked one up under my account and my wife's account!


Deal is just taking me to try and get tickets to Skyfall in my area, don't know if anyone else is having problems but here's the link to the deal found via their Twitter:

Also, this deal does work for preorders on tickets to movies coming soon, such as The Hobbit!