dealszombie survival kit for $19.99


*"The kit will include many items. Below is a list of the main items. Your kit will include --most of-- or even more than what is listed below." *
Translation = we're going to skimp you
I can tell you from experience, these suck.

I love survival stuff and random crap, but this is basically just a big conglomeration of cheap Chinese crap.. and again, absolutely nothing wrong with cheap Chinese crap - half the things I own are Chinese and crappy - but they're charging $15 for probably $4 worth of stuff.

They itemize every little thing to make it seem like more.. really, there are only about 3-5 "big" things on that list.. and those are the things you probably won't get lol

@belyndag sorry for crapping on your deal lol - I just have firsthand experience with these guys, don't want anybody else to waste there money. For whatever it's worth I didn't downvote it :)


@drchops: I disagree, I've bought a number of things from them and I've never felt skimped on anything heck I payed 99 cents once to get a random item and they gave me an aluma wallet (we actually sell them at a store I work for $10!) not to mention from the list of optional items it seems to indicate that this pack might come with one of those hand crossbows they had as a deal a few weeks back! (if I wasn't a ramen eating college student I'd be picking this deal up!)


If it has the word "Zombie" in the product title,I don't want it thanks.


If you have to take the time to read the "how to kill a zombie" decal, it is probably going to be too late.

Double Tap
Avoid public restrooms
Always check the back seat

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The twinkie had me cracking up. :)


Bought this as a gag gift a year ago and it came with a pretty awesome machete. Sadly, the Twinkie didnt't survive shipping. Fun gift for a friend who is into the whole zombie thing.


@drchops: Not a problem. I've been offline all day and just got a chance to respond. Sorry you had a bad experience with this company. The first time I made a major effort to get a BOC during a WootOff and failed, these folks offered a "Stocking of junk" (or something like that) for Christmas. It cost a bit more than a BOC, but I consoled myself and snagged one. It was junk, but mostly good junk and I felt that I got more than my money's worth. I've had good experiences with them over the past few years so I am a bit surprised to hear the negative review. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your personal observations. I didn't buy this Zombie Survival Kit but would love to hear back from anyone who did get it.