dealsbach: complete works for harpsichord: mp3…


"Over 15 hours of music" broken into 377 movements or sections. If you click the "Play all" samples button, you're in for over two hours of random harpsichord tunes.


Shyeah! You crazy for this one, Bach!


I love Bach, and I love harpsichord and organ music (which is also 99 cents today), but for the sake of all that is good, shuffle it with other music! That is too much harpsichord music without an occasional bagpipe interlude


Thanks for the post. Listening now!

@enville: All I need now is some bagpipe music.


I gotta a fever and the only cure is more harpsichord.


iTunes says I've just set up 15 hours, 55 minutes and 20 seconds of Harpsichord goodness from Jeff B. & Co.

I say thanks WOOT! - lost a "back up" hard drive with lots and Lots and LOTS of music on it and this is a nice start for the classical partition.