dealsthai basil chicken dish from pei wei for $0.00


That site is terrible. I fought it for 10 minutes before I gave up


Me too. No flag popped up to click on . The video is less than 2 minutes long so there is no 2:23 mark. Wasted time...


It worked just fine. Don't get distracted by the first, shorter video. Just go to featured content and watch that video. You must be logged in. I watched and got the "Yay, free noms will be in your email" pop-up.


peiwee is garbage they would have to pay me to eat there. and i still wouldnt.


Worked for me, you have to watch the featured video under the thailand section. Just follow the directions and you'll find it in the email box. You can even skip to the end of the video as I did.


@cummaster: On what standard are you judging pei wei? To say you wouldn't be paid to eat there is a bit outlandish.


I haven't ever eaten there, as they moved into the same shopping strip with my favorite family-run Thai place and killed them. I have no idea why people will flock to a chain when there's a family run place with a similar menu two doors down, but they do. I don't know if free food is enough for me to break my boycott. Morals vs munchies, decisions, decisions.


@raid: That's the wrong video. Don't watch that vid. Close that box and click the Thailand feature. Will open up a YouTube vid in another box.


I actually got the coupon but it took like 15 minutes of trying. It's Pei Wei, def worth the effort for some free lunch.


Be sure to create an account first or it will not count. Once the account is made and you are logged in. Watch the video, and enjoy a free meal in under 5 minutes


The people who cannot figure out how to do this, or those who it takes "15" minutes to complete should just stop what they are doing and buy "Internet for Dummies". This took me all of 3 minutes to do. Free food. What is so hard? Quit crying.


Had to watch it twice, but it sprung the second time. Thanks!


I just got my email so they are coming in pretty quick it seems.


It's a Buy One Get One deal (BOGO), not a straight up free entree.


might be a pop-up blocker at work here. Not worth $6 to sort through it.


Hey I got email saying " your BOGO free chicken has arrived"
Is it free or free with one entry purchase?
My email says its free with any entry purchase?


@revatlam: BOGO. Sorry, not straight up free. However, may I suggest the chicken Pad Thai (my favorite) as your accompanying entree?

Also, my wife had the Thai Basil, and she wouldn't get it again. She said it wasn't as flavorful as some of their other entrees. You could taste the basil but it was more "herbal" than basil-y. She'd take the caramel chicken over it any day of the week.


Buy one get one is not free... probably posted by some Pei-Wei drone to start with... the post should be corrected or removed


Yes, it's BOGO. Sorry for the original free listing. The site says try it for free so they made it seem like you would get a free meal. Didn't realize it was BOGO till I saw everyone's post as I didn't read my coupon when I got it.
Thanks to the mod who took the free out of the title.

@oduun: and no, I don't work for Pei Wei.