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My experience with sheets is that any that are not 100% cotton end up piling badly, in a very short period of time.


Last time I bought sheets from Daily Steals they came with holes and a run or two. Tried to contact customer service... no reply. Thumbs down.


A general red flag to me for a DailySteals product is when I can't find it by name anywhere else on the web. IMO if it doesn't exist for purchase somewhere else and I can't verify the quality or even the retail price, it's not really a deal.


In my dealings with daily steals dont expect anything to be shipped quickly or if its refurbished don't plan on it being in good shape, everything that has been new i haven't had any problems with. Never had to return anything so can't comment on that.


@texanfromin: A general red flag to me is that is comes from Daily Steals. Everything I've purchased there has been problematic in one way or another.