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This looks like a pretty good deal, the concern I have is that none of the pictures show this thing in separate halves. Does anyone know if it splits so that you have the fork and spoon in one hand knife and bottle opener in the other?

I have a utensil kit that does that and it is great so you can cut all those buffalo steaks you eat on the Oregon Trail.


@outoftheboxsurvival: Nope. You gotta buy two to cut those buffalo steaks.


@outoftheboxsurvival: I don't know the answer, but someone from @thatdailydeal is usually out there and might be able to fill in some details if they see this.

Edit: Also, they're good about answering their customer service line if you call (423) 207-1292 during work hours.


Snagged one. For 5 bucks, even if it's crap it should be worth it.


sold out.... but they posted an "early sellout special" of 5 pairs of touchscreen gloves for $6 with free shipping. I added it here:


@etfrisco: Thanks. I bought 5 so I'd have extra.

I have a product review blog (shameless plug = that I will be reviewing this on. It is a blog about survival, prepping, campin/outdoors products.


@outoftheboxsurvival: Thanks for the link (shameless plug or not). I look forward to seeing your review of this item. If you ever spot something we've posted that you have already reviewed, I would personally appreciate it if you would link to that review. It would be helpful!