dealsfree tickets to watch wrath of the titans for $0…


They usually give away more tickets than there are seats on these things, so get there early as recommended. Of course there aren't any screenings within 600 miles of me, but what's new. Only the 19th largest city in the country, here.


Just get tickets closet to you then dont go thats what im going to do since they dont have my city


This movie will be squashed by the Hunger Games.


There are other movies in other areas too. I could screen The Lucky One in my area. I think I'll pass on that...


When do you find out what theater(s) will be showing the film? I'm just getting a city as my nearest location (no specific establishment).


When it's free, it means it's going to suck ass, lol...


To participate, it would cost me more in fuel to drive to the other side of town than it would to buy tickets at the closest theater.

Thanks for posting anyway, OP.


@thegreenhornetvskato: It isn't FREE tickets... It is SCREENER tickets which are "free"

The idea behind screener tickets is that after the movie they interview random people when they walk out of the theater to ask what they thought...

Hence how you get the TV commercials with teenagers going "WOOOOW that was FRIGGIN AMAZING" a week before the movie comes out...


@mattj172: "If you are unable to attend the screening, please release your pass(es) so that others can attend."


@proxgotsthafia: Since no one else seemed to know, I went through the process to answer this question for others.
In order to obtain the specific whereabouts of the screening, you have to:
- Sign up for the site
- Confirm your registration via email (which signs you up for newsletters, too)
- Provide your name, zip code, birth date, gender, and ethnicity

After this, you will enter the "Review" portion of the screening confirmation. The theater, date, and time is displayed on this page.


Even with free tickets I still would not go see this movie.


I figured if I signed up to be notified if they added my city I'd be stuck with their newsletter, and given the track record for businesses ignoring my city (not completely without reason, we are a very strange demographic) I don't think there's much chance of us getting it. I wasn't willing to give up my email address for a slim chance at a movie pass. We'll see it on matinee like we see all the other films that even remotely interest us. We like movies. We like going to the movies. They don't have to be Oscar worthy, mind expanding, epic films for us to have a good time watching them. The effects in the previews make this one out to be enjoyable on spectacle alone, so we are in.


Are there any availability for the Dallas area?


@moondrake: I have been using getscreening's notification service for a while, did unsubcribe in between because of relocation and then resubscribe again. I haven't received any other emails from them except the notifications. I also have to agree they have the best notification for any screenings sites/forums I have come across since they show/update the availability of the tickets right in the email. If you worried and have a gmail account use the + trick such as will be or some. You will still get the notification but will be able to easily block it later. I haven't wasted money on matinees for a while since I get to see them for in screenings and sometimes walk away with gifts ;)


Not a fan of the "You're Today's Lucky Vistor" ad that prompts for a survey when veiwing the site. Otherwise looks cool if it's legit, I'm skeptical anytime an Ad takes up the full screen wanting a survey and personal info tho


Seeing as how I am married with 4 kids, giving me 2 tickets makes it much less attractive. If it was at least 4 tickets I could ditch the wife and draw straws on which kid gets to go.