dealsoutback steakhouse - free bloomin onion (today…


I usually get suckered into going to Outback when someone mentions their brown bread :) droolz


Health food. Yummmmm! (Onions ARE good for you, right?)

Thanks for posting. Now I know where I'm heading for lunch!


Steak is beef and beef is a health food, too. Steak and onions, yummy!


You win the academy award...for flavor!


A simulated heart attack is a valuable learning experience. At least we HOPE it's simulated.


The wife was just complaining she was hungry. Guess I just found dinner (aka The Wife Gag)!


yummmm! here's why they taste so good:

nutritional info for one onion:

1949 calories
1448 calories from fat
161 grams of fat (5.7 ounces)
48 grams of saturated fat
4100 mg sodium

for perspective, to get that many calories, here's how much sirloin steak you'd need to eat:

1949 calories - about two pounds of sirloin
161 grams of fat - about three and three quarters pounds
48 grams of saturated fat - about three pounds

of course, steak doesn't have much salt to start with. so to get enough salt (sodium) all you need is a quarter of a pound of anchovies.

(to get more nutritional info - and every other kind of numerical information - try