dealsfirefly: the complete series [blu-ray] for $12.99


I always vote for this deal, but this is the lowest price it has ever been.


Didn't I just see this deal about 3 days ago lol?

Anyways, Buy 3 and give two to your friends. Greatest show to ever get canceled. :(


@bdutton: Yeah, Best Buy had it for this price the other day. Not sure if they still do or not though.


I know this deal always gets posted, but stores keep raising the price back to $50 after a promotion, and it's hard to keep track of where you can get it for a reasonable price.


I got it for $9.99 at best buy. Blu-ray


@bdutton: 2nd greatest. Arrested Development exists. But this Show is amazing! Perfect for holiday giftz!


@triplebud: recently? got a link for your woot brethren?


OOOh, I can buy the blu-ray for myself so I can be sad it got cancelled in high definition! Then I can gift my DVD set to the library and really share the Browncoat love. And note to Joss Whedon, use that gazillion dollars and Avengers clout and get us flying again will ya? Thanks!


Did anyone else watch the 10 year reunion show on Sci-Fi? Jayne looks old, Nathan Fillion got fat, and River looked like a bus stop prostitute. Anyway, they hinted at a possible sequel to the movie, but I'd say it is highly unlikely. They also gave away a couple season 2 spoilers, and described a few planned episodes that would have blown everyone's collective mind.


Best Buy:

But they have it listed as $12.99 as well, not $9.99, unless you can go in store and get a better deal. Which is possible; I just spent $40 there yesterday buying steelbook blu-ray, some of which they don't even have on their website anymore.


$12.99 at my local BB, too. Just ignore the $62.99 price sticker.


@takethemeatbridge: When was the reunion show?

I see Fillion every week on Castle, and he looks fine. They occasionally work Firefly references into the script.

Summer Glau keeps bouncing from one sci-fi show to another. Terminator fit her acting style the best. She was also a regular on the short-lived The Cape, and she's had recurring roles on Dollhouse and Alphas.


@craigthom: I watch Castle too. And I'm with meatbridge. He's picked up a lot of weight since the first season. Not that I'm one to fault somebody for that, but it is noticeable.


My number will signify the amount of people that actually watched the show on FOX when it was new.


Nathan is looking a bit like Al Gore. I love the guy, but he does need to drop a few lbs.
Firefly is/was simply the best scifi on television.

One thing they mentioned in the reunion was that the characters on the ship all represented some aspect of Mel that he was missing. Preacher, spirituality for example.

If by some chance you've been locked up in Maximum Security for the last 10 years, you really have to see this..I own several copies. (loan them to friends, they keep it)


TIL 232 wooters have no taste


Best Buy has this as a 'Door Buster' at $7.99 Friday AM (while they last...).


@thomaswbowman: kinda looks like that is for the DVD version of the series, right?