dealsjohn deere 4-piece mini monster treads toy car…


how big?

[found the answer: 2-3 inches, like Matchbox cars]

[similar set is $13 at Amazon with free shipping; so $8 v. $13, I guess]


After a couple of months all the big fat tires will split and that will make your kid sad because the only type of glue that will work causes cancer in the state of california, so if you dont live in california its a buy....also the tires are removable and about the size of two yogurt bites which fit nicely inside the mouth of a one year old.


My boy has 4 sets of these (or at least somewhere in the house) and he likes them a lot. FYI, the tires come off and are swappable, so expect to find 16 tires scattered around your house a month later.


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