deals12 artisan craft beers for $19.00 + free shipping


$19 for the first month, then $42 a month? For 12 beers/ month? What a rip off. Most of the beers they list are under $10 a six pack around my neck of the woods.


So can you cancel right after your first month is billed?


It's 36 a month if you buy 3 months. In the video, they say the beers are pretty rare.


just ordered and the next ship date is August 18th wtf a month and a half? I better not get charged for 2 months


@oldskooldawgz: Contacted support and received an email within 10 min (awesome btw). There was a technical glitch and orders today should ship out July 18th. And you can cancel after the first month


Fair deal the first month.... a rip after that. I think most of us can buy craft beers from the local supermarket / liquor store for much less. My Publix has 50+ craft beers to chose from and you make your own 6-pack for $9.99. Pretty certain Total Wine and World Market do this as well...


@xindy924: Select month by month and put the code in at check out. You receive a $23 discount. I canceled my subscription right after I put the order through.