dealshigh waist polka dot bikini, sizes small to 2x…


Now THAT is my kind of two-piece suit! I am currently avoiding buying a summer suit since I gained back more than half of what I lost over the last couple of years. (Retirement has placed the refrigerator too close to my laptop.) I might have to make an exception and give this a try. Cute!


@belyndag: You can always ask me to post a special deal for you, I am happy to hook you up!

Ujena has lots of styles that I don't have in my store so for the best selection go to Ujena dot com and let me know if something tickles your fancy ;-)


@ohcheri: Thanks! I need to do some mental hygiene before I commit to a swimsuit (why, oh why!), but DH hauls me through all of those tourist trap stores to buy one every year and this is the year I'm putting my foot down!


@belyndag: Email me with your figure concerns and measurements and I will offer suggestions.


@ohcheri: Hands down, Oh Cheri has got to be one of the most communicative, consumer sensitive companies ever. That's so fantastic & deserves commendation. Cheers, Za zdorovie, salude!