dealsblack wood practice katana for $9.00


This is perfect for practicing my ninjitsu, which I am excellent at.


@jrpigman: I'm a better ninja than you. I commented first on this thread.


I'm in for two! I'll need them to defend my purchase of this completely unnecessary item... :)


Grabbed one ~ Looks pretty cool


Ninja swords are straight. Most samurai swords are swords are curved to create more of a slicing action as opposed to the chopping one with straight swords.

As for tags, it's not karate, it's kendo.

Whether its a deal or not kind of depends on the quality and wood. You can get a high quality oak bokken (wooden katana for practice) for about $15. This thing $12 including shipping. If it's oak, great, not oak, maybe, maybe not.


On these practice swords [& knives] I have found items made by Cold Steel excellent since they replicate weight, length, and demeanor well, but also are made of polypropylene in a number of models. Midway usually has some on sale and if you are on their email list you will get a heads up. Yes they are more expensive initially, however, they are safer and will not shatter into pieces and splinters which are potentially dangerous especially the first time your sword shatters. Please see Midway's site for current CS practice model sales.


Would totally buy if I was more of an Outlaw Star fan and wanted to be like Suzuka


Ninja are mostly in the past but Ninja swords/boken are simply fictional. This is a black training weapon. Wood can hurt you badly it just won't cut you.