dealsthe dark knight trilogy blu ray for $19.99 + freeā€¦


This would be a really good deal if the first and third films were not so god awful boring. I'll wait for the second to hit a bargain bin.


@ocnomad: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain! All three Batman films are awesome.


I agree. All 3 films are fantastic.


@ocnomad: are you kidding? Not only is this an incredible deal, but keep your day job, don't become a fill critic


If there aren't anymore available take them off of the deals woot!! No Mas


Available only for pickup now.


Shame I missed out, it's a heck of a deal and don't listen to ochomad, he was just shy of 13 when Begins came out so he wasn't old enough to get in, going through his angry teen years when Dark Knight came out so he identified with Joker, and by the time Rises released he was in college and into indie film so he was waaaaaayyyy beyond this action stuff.


best deal on the trilogy so far, however 3D people beware, they'll re-release a bundle later with 3D


lowest price one the trilogy set was $27.99 prior to this sale; I do believe this is for just the movies with minimal bonus features, so if you're a "super-fan", and want making-of documentaries, and the whole lot of bonus features the original releases you probably won't see them here...

I'd compare this to the $13 Lord of the Rings Trilogy that was released earlier; movies + some features only


@dlcarst77: I'm 32. I was around 8 when Keaton came on the scene as batman.

The third movie hardly even had batman in it, and made extremely little sense.