dealswd red 3 tb nas hard drive: 3.5 inch, sata iii…


Same price at newegg today only


What types of changes were made to make the "Red" series more "NAS-Friendly"? I understand it's a 5400rpm drive so not as fast Black/Blue, but is there any reason to go with Red over Green for a secondary internal drive?


If you're not looking, specifically, for a NAS drive, Seagate has a 3TB drive for cheaper:


@kadaan : Basically from what I understand about them there are five important details:
1) Firmware which should work with most hardware raid systems

2) Better mean-time-between-failure (MTBF)

3) It doesn't spin down so aggressively like their green line does, which helps with performance especially when you're running a RAID 5 or 6

4) It's relatively low-power, striking somewhere between the green and black lines

5) When there's a bad sector which the drive is trying to realloc to some of the free blocks at the end of the disk, it will optimistically return the data it received from the bad sector while trying to write the data to a new location. This means that when bad sectors start cropping up, your RAID software/hardware is less likely to kick the drive out of the array because it took too long to respond. This could masks issues with bad drives.

Point 5 was kind of the sticking point for me, because that's not something I would want, but everything else seems like a plus!


Also appears price is $139.99 now, so newegg may be the better choice.


It's showing $128.44 as of 11:48am - EST


NewEgg and Amazon both at 150.99 as of 10:15 AM PST. Curse my rusty metal innards, I wasn't fast enough!