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It is a cheap China made knife. Not even full tang. Pummel breaks off easily, and it is overpriced because it has a celebrities name on it.


Actually, I think this is a full tang says in the description. It is made in china though. Still, I think it's a pretty good deal. Free shipping with prime...but doubt you'll get it in time for father's day. You'll just have to get it for the zombies.

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It won't last long. Gerber is a good brand when they don't outsource to cut expenses. I would just get a Kabar instead. That way you know your money will be put too good use.


Cheap Chinese knife broke... Better drink my own pi$$.


@berused: of course Ka-Bar also sells cheap Chinese made stuff along with their good American made stuff, same as Gerber.

Buying something because it says "Ka-Bar" on it is no assurance, though Ka-Bar does seem to make less entry level consumery stuff.

If you wanted a real knife for survival and hiking, I would suggest either:

* the Gerber LMF (

* the Ka-Bar Becker "Companion" BK-2 ( which is widely considered just about the toughest and best survival knife sold today

Firesteels are super cheap on eBay, so there is no reason to not have several of them in your survival kit, glove box, EDC bag, etc.