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My thoughts as a PC Consumer Consultant:
This PC is great for large image projects given you have a display
This PC is good for video editing due to the amount of RAM and the video card
This PC is a bit pricey for anyone wanting just leisure usage of any PC
By this, I mean, you can get a good PC for surfing the net, watching youtube and movies for less and with a monitor
This PC is not for gamers
The i5 performs fairly well in gaming but you'll need to replace the video card (520 is a bit on the slow side) and the power supply to call it a gaming rig.
In summation, if I were a photoshop junkie or a little-more-than-curious about video editing, I'd get this. If I wanted to play recent games with good quality or just surf the net most of the time, I'd go with something else.


Great review. Thanks for the advice.


I agree...this isn't a gaming PC...but it can be. The 3.0 GHz processor screams the potential to be a beast, but the low power supply "handicaps" its use to be a gaming rig. Most decent video cards for today's games require a power supply of 500 watts. High-end video cards require more. Don't let this deter you. Replacing the power supply & video card is relatively a simple procedure. If you are looking to buy a new high-end graphics card, and power supply, (on sale) be prepared to shell out an additional $200-300.


At 599$ you might be able to do just slightly better then this but not by much. Its an avg pc for just about anything across the board. The biggest let downs will be the Power supply, ram, and motherboard. Consider spending another few hundred to upgrades those and getting a much more powerful processing/gaming rig


"Get powerful 64-bit performance"

My Gamecube is 128-bit so it is twice as good as this and practically free on ebay.


@rtrozzo: You had me up until you said a letdown is the RAM... is 10GB not enough for you, or is it the DDR3 speed? Either way in my opinion, I wouldn't call either a letdown.


The description here should tell us that it is a "Refurb". You will see that after you click the link. :(


I have no qualms about buying refurbs. To me, it just means they've actually tested it before sending it out to market.


@bigsinner: This is a non -k processor and the RAM isn't great for gaming. This configuration really limits performance, and putting an OS + games on a single large block 7200 RPM hard drive is a terrible idea.

@tayl428: The ram is configured as 2x4GB 1x2GB. This kills any idea of dual or triple channel, and it's PC3-10600. Additionally, machines like this have LCD motherboards and RAM, so we're looking at super budget variants with presumably terrible latencies. This is not performance gear, it's capacity gear.


@the7654: hahaha, this computer will make your gamecube seem like "a sad, strange little man."

"There are many factors besides the number of bits that can affect the performance of a CPU, such as the design of its caches, buses, and clock speed capability.

There are also many factors besides the CPU that can affect the performance of a computer, such as the RAM, GPU, and hard disk.

So while increasing the number of bits of the CPU has the potential to improve performance, it also has the potential to drive up the cost tremendously without doing very much for performance, and it also generally requires all existing software to be rewritten.

Read more: Why have there been 128-bit gaming consoles years ago (Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2, etc.) but 64-bit PCs have only become popular recently?"


@fiberopticloser: I'm not disagreeing with you as I wouldn't buy this for your same reasons, but what did you expect for $599? Capacity usually rules at this price point and that will satisfy probably 80-85% of the PC users out there. Times may be changing though with the influx of tablets for general internet browsing though. The death of the general-usage desktop PC is nigh.


@terminatorgir: I think you missed the 'sarcasm' attachment to their 128-bit comment. lol


@tayl428: Well said tay1428 but also well said terminatorgir.


@terminatorgir: I do have 11 Gamecubes though so I beat this in number of cores too.


I bought one and it's on it's way!