deals6.5 ft. pre-lit verde pine christmas tree w…


@rookie3001: Same thing happened to me but after I entered my location, it dropped to $49.97.


Aren't all Christmas trees pre-lit until you plug in the lights?


Too bad it's online only. There's no way I'm buying a Christmas Tree without seeing its quality first.


They actually have this in-store at my local Home Depot. I went and checked it out. It's ok for $49 and you get what you pay for. It certainly doesn't look as full in-person. They have one I liked more for $89 and I think it was 7.5 feet tall. Opinions may vary.


If this is like the tree at the same price last year I'd probably recommend passing. It looks obviously fake under the store lighting, though with decorations and Christmas lights on it'd probably look fine.

I've just always bought the expensive trees on clearance after Christmas and saved them for the next year. ;-) Several years ago I got a $250 tree 80% off!


I was just at my local Home Depot a few hours ago and looked at this tree while I was there, and I must say it looks 10x better in the photo than it does in person. It was not nearly as full as greatgazoo mentions.