dealsplatube laces led fiber optic flashing light up…


Free shipping, too. Not bad. I'd be all over this if I were just 20 years younger... and a girl.


No PayPal unfortunately. These would make a fun stocking stuffer, but I am hesitant to give out my credit card to sites I'm not familiar with.


Site reads as a red on WOT, indicating really bad levels of trustworthiness.


@groundz: Obviously I'm getting red too, but it seems weird... I'm not finding any really bad reviews... and users have posted deals from them before: ...I didnt search totally thoroughly, but of the other deals posted no one mentioned the vendor reliability. humm


I bought a couple pairs of these (don't remember if it was from this site) and they're pretty fun - wore 'em to a chromeo concert, lots of random people commented on them. it has to be pretty dark for them to look good, but raves / caves / the woods at night are great places to wear these.


Anyone have experience with this retailer?


@geartaker: i know i know, i went there... but still... who/why given out the red wot circles?