dealssandisk sansa clip+ 4 gb mp3 player (blue) for…


Question for anyone that has one of these:

If you fast forward though a selection, can you hear anything, or does it go silent? I like to hear the garble as I scan, its useful for things like variety shows where I want to zip by a particular act.


Oh well, I'll stick with my older Sansa. It must be better anyway, since I got it from Woot!


I have now realized the benefit of buying a Sansa as a refurb... The new ones in all the packaging are wrapped up like Ft. Knox. I kid you not. I finally free'd my white one, but the burgandy is still being held hostage by all the plastic and seal.. I can't even get to the white ones usb plug... No joke.. I was even using box cutters.

Buy refurb.. you can actually obtain the Sansa from the envelope!!


I love mine but the clip was half broken when I got it and within in about three months the clip broke off completely. Not really fixable but I used the workaround of a headphone cable manager with a clip on it.


don't be cheap, just go with the iPod


I wouldn't say buying these is "cheap". I use these things all the time for running, skiing and riding my cycle. I have about six of 'em and I always keep some charged and ready. I really like the clips because you can clip it to the back of your shirt or shorts, or even under your hat in the summer. For just random music playing or FM radio, these things are great. One last thing: you can drag and drop mp3's right onto these - no need for any syncing bull$@#^, which I disdain.


@dpiercy85: You mean get ripped off by a proprietary service and pay an extra 275 dollars for marketing.


Watch out for dead screen on this. I bought a refurb from woot and in under 6 months I had a dead screen. I have given it 4 charges to give you an idea of how much I have used it.

It is still usable, just press the home button and play but you wont be able to navigate anything else with a dead screen. This has been a common enough problem for forums and a DIY youtube video to discuss and show fixes. None have worked for me. I probably would not buy this again and will go back to my Muvo.

Previous MP3 players I have and occasionally use. Creative Muvo V100, Apple Ipod 4th Gen Click wheel.


@tatterbits: I had a hard time cutting through the packaging too. I thought it would pull apart but quickly realized it was sealed at the edges. Ft. Knox is a justifiable description.


I have 3 Fuzes and 4 clips, 3 of them are the "plus" clip. "Get an Ipod"?? I just spent hours trying to get my daughters Touch synced w/o losing all the apps she bought itunes over wi-fi. Yea, being chained to itunes is a lotta fun. I use one at work (when I can get away with it), one while I cut grass, one that I hook up to a boom box and I don't have to pay to be subservient to itunes.
Clip+ is great, drag and drop on any computer...
ALSO, add a 16gb micro sd from woot today and cram 6,000 songs on it!


I bought one because unlike the iPod it has an expansion slot and an FM radio. Unfortunately the on off switch went after a couple of months. It still works but only if I charge it before eachuse.


These are junk.. i just had my 2nd one shut off on me and not come back on in less then a year. I will not be going for my 3rd.. very frustrating..