dealsadult size 7-foot outdoor hammock for $9.97


Even in the picture, that hammock looks uncomfortable.


This site will tell you all you need about hammocks, and why you shouldn't get the one shown.
I prefer not look like Argyle.

even if you don't buy through them, they have great information.

30 day warranty would be a large warning to me about its quality


I have this style of hammock, and it's fine for lounging in. But the site talks about sleeping in it and the benefits of hammock camping. No. For lounging outside on a pleasant afternoon, it looks like a decent price. But this is not a hammock to camp in, and probably not a hammock to sleep in. In addition to my mesh, lounging around hammock, I have a hammock tent, and the two are not related apart from both having ropes at the ends.