dealshp touchpad custom fit portfolio case…


Son of a... I just bought this for $45 like 2 weeks ago from amazon... great price


This is only $19.99 on HP's website. If you also buy the wireless keyboard for $29.99, you'll get free shipping, too.


My case is really weak next to the power button and lifts up in that area -- anyone else have that issue?


@dazoneranger: Plus tax and shipping = more than Amazon (if you can get $25 for free shipping)


@dazoneranger: yes, which I mentioned in the description... $19.99 at hp + tax + shipping which is more than this deal if you get the free shipping through prime or adding something to your order to bump it above $25

@hayedid: I haven't noticed this problem with mine. It does seem like it comes away from the touchpad a bit on the left side, opposite the power button but I think that is just b/c there is nothing holding it on the left side so as not to block the speaker

@statictrance: same here. I got it about a week ago for $32 :/