deals$50 off tablets $149 or more


Good Luck they never honor my coupons in store or online.


I tried the code online with 2 different brands and it worked!


I tried for galaxy 3 tab and it would not work


@sinops214: I tried it on the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" model: GT-P5210GNYXAR and it works. It did not work on the 7" model SM-T210RGNYXAR. I got this message: 'Coupon not applied: Minimum order total requirement has not been met'. The tablet is $179.99 which is obviously above the requirement.


@opsouth: ok. thanks. I only tried on 7".

Maybe Staples does not know simple arithmetic. lol


Just bagged a Google Nexus 7 32GB for $220, QL! But their website sucks, ONLY works with IE.


@sinops214: My guess is that they meant "regularly priced tablets over $149" rather than "tablets regularly priced over $149"

So it doesn't work because it's already discounted.


Just got the nexus 7 32GB because they said the 16GB was out of stock.. Christmas shopping already...


Just a little bit angry they won't let me use the coupon on an iPad Mini. Says no Apple products in the disclaimer. Really wish my daughter would be reasonable for Christmas, but she has to have an iPad because her friends have one and they have "all the cool cases". I loathe Apple even more than usual right now.


@arosadler: I foolishly bought a Mini 32gb as a birthday gift for my 10 yr old son. I thought the game selection would be better than an Android tablet. It's a refurb & I had a cash back incentive using a credit card....but it's still too much $ for a tablet. My anti-Apple 19 yr old son recently bought an 8" Android 4.1 tablet with keyboard and case at Big Lots for $79.99 and loves it.


Staples doesn't sell Apple products.


@arosadler: Check out Target's Black Friday for the mini, $299 plus you get a $75 gift card with purchase.


@arosadler: ...or check out the Walmart Blackfriday deal. Ipad Mini for $299 + $100 giftcard. So if you factor in the giftcard it is like $199 for the mini and one of the best prices yet! Even better? This is one of Walmart's guaranteed doorbusters; customers who arrive between 6 pm and 7 pm on Thanksgiving will secure this price, even if local inventory runs out.


So this is reg price + $100 Walmart GF? Can I get the Mini w/ A7, RD, and OS7 for $299 and no GC?


used it for 32gb nexus 7... according to retailmenot coupon expires today 11/17


Doesn't seem to work on ANY ASUS product I tried, even those not on sale. But, did work on a Windows Surface...


I picked up a 16gb Nexus for my daughter on Saturday. OOS online but the Staples in Allen,TX has/had it in stock. Now i wish I loaded my Amex with the $25 off when I had the chance. Oh well... Quick and easy.... in and out of the store after $50 off in less than 5 mins.