dealscrock pot duo slow cooker #scrbc-500 for $29.99


Not a good deal. About a year and a half ago I bought an 8-quart from Kolhs for $20. You can get bigger sizes for around the same price. The concept of 2 slow cookers is nice, I'd certainly buy one if it were say, 2 6-quarts or something, but they both hold almost nothing so you'd be making out about as good as you do with an 8 to entertain those large groups.


@spudsy2061: The point is to be able to do two smaller DIFFERENT dishes so comparisons to one cheaper big one is off target. Get it? This is for putting side dishes on your sideboard.

Still not sure it's as good an idea, or as a good a deal, as discreet smaller crocks where you use what needed as needed.


Purchased similar product thru SD from JC Penney back in 1210 for 17.99. Works great for sides, but this is not the most killer price.


Review on Amazon says this cooks too fast, like almost all new Crock-Pots do. Temp setting for Low Medium and High are all the same, but it takes longer for the lower settings to reach that temp. Not good enough for me, as I have a 12 hour work day. Don't like coming home to a burnt Crock-Pot. I wonder, does anybody have a recommendation for a slow cooker with a 12 hour+ setting that doesn't burn or overcook on Low? Thank you!


In regard to a slow cooker that doesn't burn over the 12 hour shift... I use a slow cooker bag to put my food in. You then fill the crock pot with a couple of cups of water, and place the tied up bag into it. I set it on low and can cook for a very long time. I've never had the food burn, and the bag protects the crock from any crusted on foods so clean-up is EASY!
Here's a link, but you can shop around for the best deal...