dealskids eat free march 5-6-7 at chili's


please leave a fair & decent tip, provided you got good service of course.
All-too-often, people forget to tip decent when using coupons like these.
If you don't like to tip, consider ordering to-go.


Now I just need to go borrow a few kids!


I love the "got-no-kids-then-order-to-go" tag on this item.


@belyndag: see the post following yours... call in your order for pickup, and make sure you leave your kids at home when you pick up the order ;)

edit: If you're one of the people downvoting, I'd like to hear your story. Why the hate?


analysize the charge totally, if a family with five member (including four children) go to Chili, some money will be saved.


@kamikazeken: Good sneaky tip. And,no, I wasn't a downvoter. I very rarely downvote, and wouldn't have downvoted this one even if I were.


I have a dumb question, but Wooters are usually such helpful people. What is downvoting??

(And I didn't see if it said on this page, but our Chili's is 12 and under for kids, which bites because we have a 9 year old and a 13 year old and she still wants to eat off the kids menu because they give her too big of portions on the adult menu.)


@soapie0: Downvoting is simply clicking the down arrow vs. the up arrow next to a deal, comment or question. Personally, I only vote down snarky or mean-spirited comments, generally. If I don't care for a deal or question, I usually just ignore it. I vote up deals I like, deals that are good or funny, and comments or questions that are helpful or funny. Beware of the occasional trolls who like to downvote everything and post snarky comments, but don't let them offend you. They usually get called out by the community.