dealskaito voyager pro digital water resistant solar…


Joining the fun tag bandwagon. Here are mine: weather emergency radio ohmygoditsanotherfrakkinhurricanewhereismyemergencyradio


@belyndag: Exactly what I typed into search....coincidence?


Is this another one of those stupid "crank and crank in real time to charge the battery", or one of the intelligently old-school designs with a spring inside that one winds up, which then releases the stored energy to charge the batteries? I haven't seen one of those in decades, but they are the only kind to get.


Doesn't matter anyway, since you have to sign in with soshall nitwerking sites to buy the thing.

Too bad, it's a good price. Average lowest price is around $80 elsewhere. Come on woot! Put this on your own site. ;-)

#8 on the "best of 2012" list (and $70 direct from them):


@ckeilah: You shouldn't have to sign in with a social networking site to buy this. I set up an account with this vendor a while back and never associated it with Facebook or Twitter or anything. Try it again and let me know. And thanks for the link to the reviews!