deals26 oz. greek wine kyoto teapot for $26.00


I'm so very tired of websites that force you to create an account just to look at what they want to sell to me.


I'll second that - I am NOT signing up just to look at their products. What an extreme irritation!


@sterhill and @fedara: No one forces you to do anything, you don't have to shop there. I have specifically stated that this is for Flash Sale in the description, and all Flash Sale requires registration. Just use a shopping email address like I do, there are no spams, and I only check it when I feel like it.

As bargain hunters, we have to be resourceful, these companies don't owe us anything.

Like @stark and quite a few others have said already, these are deals that companies have directly with the manufacturers, that they cannot advertise their prices (or be search engine crawled).