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Well I don't sell it, but its such a good deal I thought I would share it.


More expensive, since it's just ONE pad, but what you lose in immedate CHEAPNESS you gain over the lifetime of the product.

I've owned a CF for years, and while I haven't used it in a while, I used it pretty heavily for nearly a year, and let me tell you, I was about 275lbs at the time..

The things are build like bloody TANKS, and the miniscule amount of maintenence to keep them arcade-perfect is almost laughable. Wipe of the contacts once a month and re-flex the sheet metal when it starts missing steps..which may or may not happen to you depending on how FAT ya are...just saying it did to me!

Not to mention that site just looks skeevy to start with. No actual picture of the 300$ product? Come on.....


@fraxcat: Well the picture in this listing (and the one on the page) is the product your buying, maybe you missed it? I have these myself though and have since the Wii came out and they last forever, haven't done any maintenance at all except wiping off shoe scuff marks. But I am gonna check out that other site, I have never found anyone else who sold them before.