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The model number of the Xperia S Tablet for sale on Woot is : SGPT122US/S.

In 2012, Sony apparently stopped sales of the Xperia S Tablet due to a manufacturing error that caused gaps between the screen and case, which would allow water to enter.

According to the website below, the affected model numbers were : SGPT121, SGPT122 and SGPT123. (Please note that is selling SGPT122US/S, and while I'm not sure whether the addition of the US/S makes a difference, I figured you'd probably want to be aware that you may be buying a known defective model).

Website reference:

Can anyone at Woot please verify if the Xperia tablets were reconditioned or refurbished by Sony? Or were they open box returns by a 3rd party vendor and/or refurbished by a 3rd party?