dealschubby girls cuddle better t-shirt for $15.60


This is one of those invasive sites that requires you to sign up before entering. Can you imagine a retailer that makes you fill out a shopping card before you enter his store? I was curious and used a fake address to gain access and found the site full of USELESS CRAP that is not even searchable.


they sure do... but the look worse naked


@bangchan: There are retailers like that, in fact there are some stores that don't even allow you in unless you were invited. Also there's no point of making it searchable when this is for pop-up shops and flash sales.


@bangchan: Useless crap? is created for the design-conscious. Far from having "useless crap", it has plenty of useful and nice gadgets. Right now there are Crosley Radios, and turnables with iPod docks. KNORK (I posted it here, too) silverware.

I understand that these products may not be your preference, or that you may not appreciate the better things in life; that's fine. But to think that the rest of the world works with the same set of judgment as you seems a bit overreaching, isn't it?, and many other flash sale sites like Gilt and many others, do require you to log-in before you can see the products. This is a highly valid business model for limited-time and limited-quantity flash sale for high-end products. If you can find their products for less elsewhere, please let the community know; I'd appreciate it, too.

For the email, since I prefer to save money; I become resourceful. I have an extra shopping-only email address. Gmail is free, you know?


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: Exactly. That's a very reasonable response, thank you.

A great example is Costco. In fact, you can't even get in until you have PAID them for a membership. And I have a Costco membership, it's a great company.

Same for and many others that I use. I think I have saved a few thousand dollars from buying from these flash sale sites last year; and my girlfriend is VERY happy with the gifts she has been getting.


Eh I kinda agree with bangchan and rabidmonkey. Maybe not about the useless crap but the average person isn't going to want to sign up just to see a funny shirt when they already know what it says and there are dozens of other shirt sites to look at for free.

Maybe this site is good for other deals but really kinda dumb cause its not even a "deal" its $15 just like any other funny shirt. Its a marketing ploy to get you to sign up probably posted by someone from their website not an actual shopper who thought this was a great deal. Same as all the "sexy outfit" deals that show up every single day on deals.woot


@bangchan: Don't blame the site, blame the bonehead that thought a fat girl t-shirt would get you in tight with your honey. Woot doesn't promote any deals here that don't say Woot in the name.


@lll0228: Crosley radios are crap. Gimmicky designs with low-quality sound. Turntables with iPod docks are crap, also, unless you want your precious vinyl recordings to sound horrible on your iPod. I would never use a low-end turntable to play/transfer my favorite vinyl. And there are tons of high-end turntables out there on Craigslist & eBay for dirt cheap. Just check the cartridge/needle condition & replacement availability first.........there are still lots of parts on the market.

On the other hand, Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale Club all charge a membership fee and none of them are hurting for business.


@zippy the pinhead: Neither is, which is closing $100k per day for business after less than a year.

Crosley is gimmicky, and since I am an audiophile, I wouldn't buy them. But Crosley has been very popular with the general population; and hence there is a "want" for them; and hence they are still in business. I respect others' choices, whether I agree with them or not.

Costco is doing great, yes, absolutely. I have met Mr Sinegal through my MBA program many times and he is a phenomenally smart businessman. Sam's is nowhere close to Costco, simply because it does not understand Mr. Sinegal's number 1 priority: treat its people right. Costco's turnover is phenomenally low.

So, this thread really has shown me each person's personality, hasn't it? Who thinks highly of their own opinions without regards to other people's preferences, which may be different from their own. It's a great microcosm of the society as a whole, especially from the "bargain shopper" sector. Thx!


@jlawr679: Could you tell me why this is not a deal when a high quality, designer t-shirt can be sold for over $200 at Nordstrom?


@zippy the pinhead: Btw, just curious, which turntable do you use?

I have a Mitchell Gyrodec, SME V arm with Koestsu Jade Platinum cartridge with a modified power supply and all Cardas wiring (I did both mods myself).

Now you know why I said I wouldn't touch a Crosley, but I know many other people do. See this is the thing, just look at the "Top" tab, I wonder why people think Crosley is crap, when this place is all about "Bag of crap", monkey, bacon-themed anything etc.

And as far as I know, many people on here have now used and many other flash-sale sites with very good results (me being one of them). What's the problem? I like nice stuff, but don't like paying retail for them; so I got resourceful and:

Get a shopping email address through GMail. I signed up to all the flash sale sites that I am interested in, and got the emails without disclosing anything until I buy something. Isn't that VERY easy?


@lll0228: But this isn't a fancy designer. It looks like a simple screen printed Tshirt that doesn't have any special layout its just letters. I'm not knocking the shirt there are lots like it and they're funny but its no designer shirt like you are talking about.


@lll0228: Luxman w/AudioTechnica cartridge, although it has been in storage for decades. I am about to start auctioning off my vinyl collection so I will prob. get it out & make archival copies of my favorite rarities.