dealscraftsman 13 in. tool bag for $3.49


I tried to order, but I was to pick a store within 300 miles. We have a store in my home town. Wondering why they can't be shipped to my local store.


I have one of these bags, and I like it.


This bag always seems to be on sale, but its still great for taking a few tools on the go. I keep getting tempted to pick up a few more every time I see them on here.


@natecj: I bought one last time they were on sale (with Sears). Actually, I got a double-pack (included a 16" bag maybe as well?).
I like them. Others think they look "ugly", but whatever -- it's a Craftsman bag that I put a few tools in to move around.
Others use them to just have a tool bag in the vehicle all the time with some essentials -- perfect for that!
Would recommend this bag.


@barbaraniederkorn: The Sears/Kmart web site really svcks. I'm always having some trouble with it. It's probably just another bug. The problem I have most often (off and on) is that it won't work and says I have cookies disabled, but I don't. They must use IE as their target browser, because it sometimes works on IE when it won't on Chrome or Firefox.

That being said, this is a great bag - I have several!


Great timing, I needed a cheap crap chinese tool bag to put a collection of crappy chinese tools in for the pep band, so that I don’t have to keep bringing my good American made tools to fix the crappy chinese tubas, or the crappy chinese baritones and euphoniums, and let us not forget the cheap crappy music stands and drums that my director keeps buying

The best part is that they just opened up a harbor freight next to the beer store near me so that when I go get the cheap crappy chinese stuff to fix things; I can at least drown my sorrows with good American beer


@bigelowb: Yes, whenever I have to purchase anything from kmart or sears online I always have to use IE sadly.

I actually purchased 5 of these the last time they were up from @mtm2. These are surprisingly well made little bags with a number of pockets. These are great for arranging some of the smaller items in your workshop that might not already have cases or bags.


I tried to order this but it said it was out of stock.


I have one of these bags. It's actually a great bag, and the same product (same model #) is about twice the price at Sears.

Tried to order the max qty of 3 and it said out of stock, ordered two and it was fine. Then tried to order them again and had the same problem. It seems that they only want to sell two, and not the three it says you're allowed to buy. Bummer.


Just ordered 3 to pick up at my local store. :D


Price comes to $4.74 at my local store pre-tax and $5.07 after tax.


I have 2 of these and one of the 18". They're great bags. I use one of the 13" for taking my handgun to the range. Easily fits my gun in a soft pouch, 4-6 boxes of ammo, glasses, hearing protection, and a roll of targets. The 18" would work better if you had two different guns.