dealsmonoprice 8320 - enhanced bass hi-fi noise…


I bought 2 pairs of these when they were $7.11 and I can vouch that they're way better than many $30-40 earbuds I've owned in the past. The tips do kind of suck though, so I'd recommend replacing them with something better (I've got the Comply TX-400 which are highly recommended in the Head-Fi forums, but you can follow OP's link to said forums for other suggestions)


Lifehacker recommended them as "the best earbuds you'll find under $10":

Better price in bulk is nice, as once you add shipping to an order of one it's about the same as Amazon's price.


Worth a try,I'm in for three.


Three pair for 18.00. That's not bad at all. I hope they were worth it.


These fit in your ear a really strange way, the cord comes out the top but it isn't designed to go over your ear. It just hangs down the side of your face. I prefer iem's that have the cord going up, over, and behind the ear. It keeps them from getting tugged out and cuts down on cable micro-phonics. My MEElectronics M6's were less than 10 bucks on another deal website and I couldn't be happier with them for low priced earphones.


Now that I look at them some more, they are so cheap I think I'm going to just buy a pair to mod them. I'll open them up and switch around the cable support to face upward.


Mine arrived and they really have great sound but need more bass, so I will be looking for replacement earpieces.


I own 2 pair and here's what I found.
1. Bass is a bit lacking & mushy
2. Cheesy cable probably won't last long
3. They feel a bit cumbersome in the ear
4 Only one set of ear cushions and they are on the small side