dealssuper sharpie sale! up to 50% off on markers…


Not really much of a deal. I got a 12 pack on amazon a couple weeks back for $5. I would hold out until they go cheaper



According to CamelCamelCamel, the 12-pack of black fine-point Sharpie markers haven't been sold for $5--by Amazon--since somewhere around October 2011. The colored markers, whether fine-point or ultra-fine-point, have only rarely gotten that low--looks like Black Friday was the last time they offered that kind of deal.


@culturevulture: Ok, my bad. I guess it is a good deal then. I just thought I saw them cheaper.


These are good deals, but I'm annoyed that some of these are now "add-on" items. If it was just $4.08 for the black Sharpies, not $4.08 + $20.92 in other purchases to get prime shipping, it'd be a better deal.



True--the new Add-On program means that Amazon won't sell/ship these specific items unless it's part of a $25+ order. The only folks impacted are those of us w/Prime. The order will have to total $25 before we can buy add-on items. Most of us Amazon regulars hit that in a week.

For people w/o Prime, it's nothing new. As I see it, that $25 order results in free shipping, a savings of between $3.99-$4.99. If the item were sold individually (did not add up to $25), you'd pay an additional $3.99-$4.99 to ship the item.

Would a pack of markers sold at $4.08 really be worth a total of $9.07 shipped? Amazon has always charged shipping for orders under $25. Add-on items are simply products that Amazon would otherwise not be able to sell profitably because the shipping costs would be too high.

Only two items in this deal are add-ons; the rest can be purchased (with shipping costs) on their own.