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I have one and am ordering another based on this deal. This is small but super bright. Perfect to keep on hand when the power is out or for a reading light. We've used it frequently and are still on the same set of batteries from several months ago.


Sale price: $2:50, regular price: $5

Think about that.

I got this ONCE and it surely feels/looks/works/breaks like something that only ever costed $5 new. Had a slight impact and the black (thin and hollow) casing shattered. It technically fulfills the description of being a cheap light, but you're buying a disposable item. Do not think differently.

My suggestion would be to spend a few more dollars and get a half-decent light that will actually last longer than several of these combined. More $ up front, but less in the long run, plus less hassle and more functionality.

I have typed out WAY more than this little crappy thing warrants.


For $2.50 it's worth it to put in the closet for a power outage. I know mine was a huge help when we lost power last summer for 3 days. Plenty of light for a bathroom or dinner table. And if you never use it, then you didn't waste much. If you want a serious camping light for something more than emergency use, spend a little more.


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