dealsstop sopa stop sign for $5.00 + free shipping


Pero me gusta comer sopa :(


keep the interwebs on the up. Stop the SOPA


This is the first ive seen of this sticker! Finaaaaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy


Just bought 5, going to stick them on Congress's face


@mortar235 you're right...I was just thinking of the extremely ugly ones in desperate need of covering up


facebooked this one as well..


I'm all for this sticker, don't get get me wrong..

But $5 bucks for a single 6" decal is...not good lol
Guess they're just trying to monopolize while it's hot, can't blame 'em. Still though $5 bucks?


$5 with free shipping sounds good to me

the rest of the site is awesome too


@drchops: Agreed. This is some stupid money grab... by the time you actually get your stickers you'll have forgotten why you cared to buy them in the first place. For $5 I want a box of these things and I want them yesterday.


Let the nerd rage profiteering begin.

I hate to be the one to say it, but I think these bills still stand a chance of going through. Ordinary people (i.e. non-nerds) I've talked to didn't know anything about it, but wondered why Google's logo was blacked out. They thought it was a monitor problem. They're not stupid people, they're nurses and doctors, and such.


@woocls if you can forget about something like this in 1-3 days, you might wanna get your short-term memory checked out :)


@tallyhallic: In all reality this "protest" is only benefiting the business people who make these stickers. And only because several key websites have chosen to blackout there sites today. Tomorrow we'll move on to some other internet meme and everyone will be buying "next big thing" stickers... This bill will pass or won't regardless of if you buy these super over costed stickers. So quit pushing these stickers like you're getting a cut of the profits... (Which I assume you are.)


@tallyhallic: I may have said this before, but...

I dislike being the bringer of bad news, but I have a premonition that these bills stand a chance of passing. Everyone at work seem oblivious to the press. They asked me if their internet was broken, and they are smart people, as I work in a hospital.

Is it happy hour yet? 3:35pm here.


@woocls: In fact, what if the whole protest was organized by a secret cabal of sticker manufacturers? Do they seriously expect us to believe that they ramped up sticker production in a matter of a few weeks. I've heard there are shipping manifests showing stockpiles of these stickers dating back months, years even.

Fight the System!


@robertey: You sir, are appropriate! This is someone's promotion. whether you agree with it or not, there is no reason to be rude about it @woocls: If you dont like it down-vote it.

Somebody else, like me, might think it's a good idea and buy a couple. While i might be wasting my money in your opinion, someone else might think you're wasting your time on here. why do you care of some company makes money off of the current situation...that's how america works! And what do you care if some company's peon is making money by posting it around. He or She earned it!

What if the bill passes? then my decal will be relevant for much longer! If it doesn't pass, and i see this decal on another car, even a year later...I'll get a good chuckle out of it.


@robertey: You. Just. Blew. My. F-ing. Mind. The sticker companies.. I feel a fool for not noticing it sooner. It seems so obvious now.. We're gonna blow the lid off this thing - wide open.

If they don't know about's you job to TELL them about it :).. then instruct them to do the same. Word of mouth is as good as it gets. Especially if you have the time to explain a little about it.


@robertey: About it passing... That's why it's up to you to inform those around you of the dangers of this act. (FYI putting up a sticker 3 days from now doesn't count as informing people) If those who understand don't explain it to those that don't understand we could be in for some dark times... or at least times where the internet is boring and someone has to create the internet 2.0


@mattmoo60: This is a deals site.... this is no deal. And you're no better... I checked your past deals and they're all for this same website. So you can keep down voting me but it doesn't change the fact that you're over charging for a sticker because it's hot right now. Sure, if people pay money for it that's their option but I don't believe it should be listed here as a deal.


You will probably not even receive this in time for the voting of sopa/ pipa >_<


Only thing is this seems to be a bit late, seeing as congress is voting in only 6 days. If we had this back around American Censorship day, that would have been great.


let freedom ring, for 5 bucks.


@reverendbirdman: there wasn't enough people to make a quick buck off back then.


Hell yes!! Keep the intellectual property pirates in business!! Where would we be without them? Passing laws to inhibit crime is bad!!! Why can't those idiots in congress see that?

Besides, if this bill passes, Google may lose money. We can't have that now, can we?

In for a thousand!