dealsnook hd tablet (7-inch) for $149.00


Thats a good deal! Can't decide to get this, or the HD 16 gig version. Its 199, originally 269


It never ceases to amaze me how many people will buy into a proprietary device. Yes, it is a good price, but do you know what you aren't getting? Options! With an Android device you can shop at Barnes and Noble, Amazon (Kindle), and Google Play markets. With this you're locking yourself into Barnes and Noble. Sure you could potentially unlock it with a bootloader, but why support a company that makes you jump through hoops just to unlock it's products true opensource potential? Just my advice but look into the tablets without all the media advertising fanfare. Asus, Samsung, and Toshiba are just a few good brand names of Android devices. Leave Nook, Kindle, and iPad to the sheep. They're all praiseworthy products, but only if you're willing to sacrifice the freedom of choice, and lock yourself into buying content from only one company.


@mrbarister: By definition, people are NOT sacrificing "freedom of choice," because they are exercising the choice to go with a B&N or Amazon tablet. Not everyone wants or needs an open OS, and these prices are more than compelling. The 7" has a better display than my Nexus 7, which I already love, and a microSD slot, whereas I had to root my Nexus 7 to enable USB OTB.

People go with automatic transmissions because they're easier, though manuals give superior performance. Similarly, some people don't care about the latest apps. They're looking only for the least inexpensive, domestically supported tablet that does basic surfing, multimedia and e-publications. Maybe the objective is something simple for the kids, so while a Nexus 10 is superior but overkill, the same money could get two 9" Nooks.

You should look up "Nooting" sometime. With a couple of downloads and a microSD card, Nooks can run full Jelly Bean.


Why support a company that makes you jump through hoops to use the product to its full potential? 'Cause it's way cheaper than buying a comparable tablet. I've never used the HD, but I have a regular Nook Tablet that I bought for $100, downloaded 1 image file that I had to copy to an SD card, and I've got a tablet that matches up specwise with ones triple the price. I'd never buy one to stay with the Barnes & Noble store, but I've got the Google Play store and the Amazon Appstore and everything else I want, and it was simple to do.


Tempting, as the N2A boys claim they are making a dual boot microSD card for the HD someday soon. I had a N2A card on my Nook Color and it worked great, No rooting, dual boot so you can choose either OS, and doesn't void the warranty


N2A only takes what's publicly available, what people either don't know or don't want to spend time learning how to do. I believe the info is already out there for the new Nooks, so a plain microSD card is all that's needed for people who know what to download and where to get it. And Googling around, it seems people have made headway on rooting the tablet itself, though that voids the warranty.


I'll have to check it out. I'm getting my first nook in 3 days from the lost and found (assuming no one claims it).The lack of a micro sd port is really the only short-coming of the Nexus 7. If the screen does have a better resolution, at 7" the average user wouldn't notice it. I'm naturally curious about programming, and can't wait to see how easy it is to "Noot" the the Nook. Average people, the ones I sell tablet to, wouldn't bother visiting forums to learn how to modify it. Most of them don't even know what a micro sd card is. For them, the Nexus 7 32gb currently on sale for $199.00 would be all they need. It is possible that people need less, and I hear that the Nook has great parental controls. When the price comes down, I'll probably get a Nook HD just to try one out, but supporting a company that attempts to limit your purchasing choices just feels wrong, even if people do find simple ways around it.


@mrbarister: The Nooks at these prices are great for people who just want a tablet without spending a lot, not really the types who'd Noot out of the box. And maybe the great screen resolutions are overkill, but they certainly don't hurt in making movies and e-pubs very sharp.

BTW, there's a paid app to enable reading USB flash drives on a Nexus 7, or you can root and install Stickmount. Both, of course, require a USB OTG adapter (I know this one works, It's not as elegant, though, as a card that doesn't have to stick out.


This Deal is over, price went back up.