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25ft hdmi cable for 9.99 + free shipping, and if you wait a little while I'm sure they'll have another coupon (as they have at least 3 times that I know of) to make it 6.99


Why would anyone vote in favor of this deal? $19 for an HDMI cable is a huge ripoff!


@gotweed04: My thoughts exactly! Over $20 including shipping.


Because this one has redmere tech! REDMERE!!!!! Thats gota be + 10 bucks easy to print that on the label.


Yeah! The REDMERE!

Anyone know what REDMERE is?

Edit: Oh... Redmere


"High Performace?" There is no performance difference across different HDMI cables. They are all technologically the same.


Much better deal for a shorter cable (if you don't actually need 15 ft.) ---> 10 ft. slim cable for $2.99 with free shipping. Link.


wait, at these prices they may put Monster cable out of business. Think of their kids. The Kids!


Monoprice is usually great, and I've ordered from them many times, but this is ridiculous and against what they usually stand for.


HDMI is a digital signal, and unlike analog signals its all or nothing. You either get 100% signal transmitted or 0%. So it doesn't matter if you have a crappy no-name $1 cable or a $100 monster cable with 763476x insulation, they'll both work. Theres no need to buy this cable since there are 15ft HDMI cables on ebay for less than $5 shipped, which are more than good enough.


@bavman: You are right about HDMI carrying digital signals; however, not all cables are equal. There is the factors such as wire gauge, shielding, and crosstalk.

Just because it's an HDMI cable, that does not mean all signals can go through it. It may not be certified for hi-res 3D with networking capabilities.

I used to use Cat5 cable and all my computers are gigabit ethernet. That's a digital cable right? So it should carry the exact same signal as Cat5e or Cat6 right? Well, it did work but was having intermittent issues and a lot of collisions and packet loss. I then upgraded my entire network with Cat5e cable and all those problems went away.

So in Summary, even though its digital, that does not mean the cable is capable of carrying all the possible signals all the hardware out there is able to provide.


The big pitch for these cables is that they're very slim and lightweight, while still being able to perform at HDMI spec. If you look at the larger pictures, the cable is as slim as an iPhone syncing cable, which is why some users would pay this "outrageous price". 9 out of 10 times, it doesn't matter to me (and most folks) but there's been a few times where a lightweight HDMI with a slim cable would've been great to have.

A touch over $1/ft isn't a crazy price either. More than normal for Monoprice, but I've never had a bad experience with them. Customer service and tech support have been great with cables and monitor mounts (and the few phone accessories I've purchased, but mostly cables and mounts).

I have a ton of the cheap $1 HDMI cables and they get the job done just as well in most cases. But a little quality from a trusted manufacturer goes a long way.


I think you guys are missing the point, you're paying a premium for an extra thin cable. If you don't care about that, then yeah save your money and buy the cheaper cables!


Backing up what @seventy8: and @jhoff33: said:

This is what RedMere is.
RedMere cables have a small chip in the HDMI connector, which boosts the performance of the cable. The significant factor about RedMere cables is that they break the rules above about cable gauge (AWG) and maximum lengths. RedMere cables can be much thinner than normal HDMI Cables and can reliably handle High Speed (10.2 Gbps) signals to much greater lengths. HDMI Cables with RedMere chips can handle full High Speed 10.2 Gbps signals to a maximum of 65 feet!
RedMere cables cost a bit more than normal HDMI Cables, but the greater length for High Speed signals, combined with the overall thinner cables (which are easier to manage) more than make up for the slight additional cost. One important point though is that RedMere cables are directional. While you can hook either end of a normal HDMI Cable to the source and sink/display devices, you must connect RedMere cables in the proper direction.


Exactly. This is a great price for such a long, thin, flexible cable, which I can only assume works correctly.
I am getting one to throw in my laptop bag for travelling. Obviously I will continue to use cheaper standard cables when they will just be plugged in behind the TV and left there.


15-Foot HDMI 1.4 Cable for $3.99 with free shipping. The HDMI 1.4 specification offers support for 3D over HDMI as well as an HDMI Ethernet Channel.


The advantage for me is being able to pass the head through 3/4 inch conduit (code) and not have to spend at least 3 times that for another option.


I got a 15ft on ebay for $1.89 shipped. This is in no way a deal.


@caffeine_dude: >>RedMere cables have a small chip in the HDMI connector

Don't ALL HDMI cables have a chip in each connector end? Same for thunderbolt cables. Entertaining how everyone was complaining about the cost of TB cables due to the chips in each end, and those same people were mindlessly buying HDMI cables that were doing basically the same thing...


@virtual1one: No, they don't. HDMI is just wires connected end-to-end. Redmere integrates an amplifier into one end of the cable.


Bit error rate (BER) matters. Not all HDMI cables are created equally. Low quality HDMI cables can have "fuzzy image" artifacts. It can look like snow on the screen.


These cables are awesome. I'm not a fan of spending extra money or anything, but when I have to carry my 17" laptop, mouse, power supply, portable speakers, LED projector (and its power supply), as well as an HDMI cable in a backpack on my motorcycle, every spare inch counts. These cables are insanely small, insanely flexible, and insanely awesome. The 15ft cable takes up less space than my old 6ft cable did.

No one believes that they're HDMI cables when they first see them.


Here is what you are actually getting.

I think this is an awesome deal.


I think they meant chump not chip. Only a chump would pay this price. the Apple Ipodphonegadget fans are just dumb enough to find this attractive and expensive enough to wave it in their fellow Ifools to show how clever they really are.

I'm one of those idiots that buy the $3.00 10ft HDMI cable on Amazon. Guess what ? No quality difference from the high end junk.
To those claiming artifact and blurred picture probably just read that on a high end cable site. It just doesnt happen.
Go to amazon and look up and cheap HDMI Cable. read the reviews. Guess what? not one problem. it works as designed
welcome to the Monster Cable of the 21st century.

Quite honestly I'd rather spend $3.00 and be wrong than spend $20 and not see or hear any difference.


As a person usually all for the "all HDMI cables are created equal" argument, the fact is that if you are trying to connect your laptop to your TV, the cheap ones just won't cut it. The cheap cables usually are not flexible enough for moving around allot. Heck, the first batch I bought from monoprice had a plastic jacket so stiff I was afraid of breaking my HDMI ports from the stress. I had to buy some 6" port stress relievers (just a flexible male-female extension).

In certain cases, this price is completely justified.


@skildude: Wrong. Cables are NOT all created equal. Yes, HDMI is a digital signal, which means that it's either on or off. However, that 100% definitely does NOT mean that there is no possibility for interference, digital noise, or signal degradation.

Here, check out this test.

Also, you are completely missing the point if you think this is entirely about high-quality cables. It's about high-quality cables that can handle longer runs than regular cables (try to run your $3 cable over 30 feet, and I guarantee you won't get a video signal at all), all while being orders of magnitude slimmer and more flexible.

If you are hooking a blu-ray player up to a mounted TV from 3 feet away, definitely stick with the cheap stuff. However, if you need to run a long cable, route the cable through holes or ports, or need to bring the cable with you, this cable is hands down the best fit.


@skildude: Actually, I'm a high speed digital design engineer with 5 years industry experience.


HD Guru's recommendation --> "Buy the cheapest cable you can. If it works, you’re good to go."


@thefenst: Is there any way to get the discount on longer lengths of cable?

As far as cheap cables go, I always buy cheap HDMI cables from Monoprice. To run 35ft, as I need to do, they recommend a 22awg cable which is so thick and stiff that I'd be willing to pay more for a thin flexible cable that can be more easily hidden in my living room. Monoprice has great prices on cables and $62 for a 40 ft thin and flexibe HDMI cable is still way way less than you'd pay for a regular HDMI at BB etc. I understand in many applications a $2 cable would be as good as a $50 cable but not in ALL applications. People should consider this before flaming others or they'll be the ones looking like a chump.