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Wow, I didn't realize those cards were available in that price range. I don't think I can justify buying yet, but I will start saving. Thanks for the post. Kudos for not including the rebate in the header price too. It's appreciated!


If you wanted to go Nvidia in this performance/price range, the EVGA 660 is $220.

The cards are nearly interchangeable in terms of performance, though you'll have a hassle trying to compare them directly, given all the information (and varying models) of these cards out there.


@thiney49: Would need to be a 660TI to stack up against this model.


It's back up to 259.99 now


@mofish: Nope. Enter Promo Code: EMCXVXN48 at checkout. is the key to this deal.


@mofish: Not to mention the bandwidth problems you can get on Kepler with higher resolutions.

BTW, at this same price point Club3D/Powercolor has released the non-reference "LE" 7870 with a significantly higher shader count and memory clock (basically a chopped down 7950). It can even crossfire with a 7950. Their warranty isn't as generous is the 3-year Asus but the performance difference is certainly significant for the same price. Sapphire released their own Tahiti LE for a little more ($5 more after rebate), and supposedly XFX will as well.

@thiney49: A 660 is a 660 unless a company specifically produces a non-reference model, or you run into a memory bottleneck. Performance will only be affected by the clock speeds you set the memory and cores to, which you can do by yourself anyway on whatever model (even voltage for stability). The difference will be the quality of the heatsink, memory and caps, which are primarily long-term/overclocking concerns. Warranties will differ too.


@shinespark: performance between the "normal"" and Ti models is very noticeable. Not every 660 is the same. the 660Ti is pretty nice. the 660 is not so much... Being a reference card or not isnt the only thing that can differ.

Also, dont assume every person is going to be comfortable adjusting clock speeds or god forbid voltages.