dealsbob's pickel pops for $6.99


OMG My kids will love these!!!


If they can come up with a Pastrami Smoothie to go along with this, I would be in heaven


I just thew up in my mouth, a lot.


For some reason .... im gonna purchase these.... i .. cant ... stop.. must try!!!


Saw these at a local candy store and thought they looked interesting. After I tried one I thought I was gonna' hurl. Weird because I love pickles.


They sell these in the cafeteria of the elementary school I work at. They are AWESOME! At 5 calories each they are a great tart treat.


So last Christmas Eve, around 1AM (technically it was Christmas I guess) my slightly tipsy father-in-law stumbles into the kitchen where my wife, her cousins and I are making left-over sandwiches. He grabs the pickle jar, now emptied of all but the juice, and takes a big gulp, exclaiming: "It's just sweet juice!"
I now have a Father's Day present. Thanks mikentosh!


This is a much worse idea that fried pickles...yuck!