dealscontech electronics - scarecrow motion-activated…


In for two! This should keep the neighbors cat away.


Forget about cats.

This should keep the kids off the lawn.

shakes fist Get off my lawn!


i can finally take down my "no soliciting" sign.. this will work so much better..


I can finally stop mooning kids who come on my lawn.


You GOTTA check out the customer images!


These work most of the time. I have woken up tho to see the deer still got to the plants in the front yard. Also annoying as every time a car drives by they go off. Hard to get a good setting to protect the yard and not have cars set them off with, woods, street, then lawn all right there.

It's fun to see the neighbors come over and cut through the grass, lol.
Or send your son out in the middle of the lawn to retrieve something when their on.

And LOL at customer images


Also effective when the neighbor's adult son stumbles home drunk in the middle of the night and tries to take a leak on your shrubs.

Nothing wakes you up like a crotch level blast of cold water on a cold night.


@gidgaf: Those are priceless.. LOL.. makes me want to get an entire group of them to get those pesky Ewok's out of my yard at night..


LMAO at the customer images, way to troll up an item xD