dealsdanielle 10x low profile folding led mirror for…


Tiny LED lights surround the surface of this Danielle mirror. The mirror has powerful 10x magnification for intricate grooming and makeup application.
Mirror is lit up with numerous LED lights
Magnification: 10x
L.E.D lights are energy efficient, bright and long lasting with a rated life of 10,000 hours
LED lights run cooler than other light bulbs
Compact and low profile design makes the mirror easily portable
Chrome finish
Battery operated (battery included)
Free shipping
Measures 10.5 inches high x 7.75 inches wide


Oh, Mirror, mirror
On my vanity
The LED lights
They cause insanity.

Or maybe that was from the kids. LED lights with a magnifying mirror are going to show every darned imperfection on my skin. Guess it'll make it easier to see which cracks need more spackle. In for one! Honey, bring me the trowel!


I own one of those touch activated ones which is like $90 retail. $40 is a helluva a deal for one that doesn't get hot, doesn't need bulb replacement, and is backed by a brand name.