deals6 outlet grounded side entry outlet multiplier by…


Can i use 3 pin connecter to it


Was just thinking earlier that I needed something like this. Thanks


Check out your local dollar store for these. I picked up 3 of these there for $3 + tax.


sold out indeed. I burned up an mp3 player by using a usb charger from a dollar store so would be careful about electrical stuff from those places.

What this site does have and I am getting is a 70something led rechargable worklight flashlight combo. If I had bothered to learn to post a deal I would because this looks awesome, both ac and dc charging and 5 hour battery. $12.50 and free shipping. Maybe someone else will post it or tonight I will find out how.


@gelo48: never mind, the big button was right next to me so I added a deal.

ta da.


@gelo48: electronic equipment is frequently recalled, that is sold by dollar tree, so you are justified in being leery.