dealssuperman cozy throw w/ sleeves for $10.49


This is the first time I've ever gotten close to seriously considering buying a Snuggie. Too bad I really have no use for one. Good find!



Pretty cool though.....make a great gag gift!


I ended up buying 6 snuggies for $20 from a woot-off a while back and I must say they are surprisingly handy (great for laying on the couch on a lazy sunday). I keep a couple in my car just in case. The only thing stopping my from buying this offer is my absolute hatred for HotTopic.


How cute is that? If I had any geek friends, I'd be all over it.


great deal. i saw these on amazon a while back for the lowest price anywhere - until now


Still doesn't beat the monkey snuggie I got from the last woot-off. And it's a Snuggie brand shuggie.


I got the Batman one in December. I'll be rather upset if the Batman one is selling for this price.

The quality of this licensed product is beyond that of a Snuggie.