dealssandisk sansa fuze 4gb ultra-thin video/mp3…


Put this here 16GB MicroSD card in external memory slot for 20GB of memory

Really rockin' the Fuze and MicroSD card combo today


really like this player, better build quality than I expected for the price. the autosync firmware occasionally locks it up occasionally, better to drag and drop.


Factory recertified, if that makes a difference to you.


In my experience, playing from the SD card consumes significantly more battery life than playing from the internal memory, but as always, your mileage may vary.


I've been looking for one of these on sale. I've bought from DailySteals before, and I received my item. Their packaging was fairly terrible, so I dunno if I trust them to send me this.


Have one of these players I bought refurb'd via Woot and its been fantastic. Its a great value product in my experience


Agreed. Sansas are VERY nice little players. Solid, dependable, and terrific sound quality. For the price, you won't find better.

Oh, and hey, expandable memory? Even better!


I've had my Sansa for a year and a half now and I have to say I love it. Screw the iPod this thing is cheap, pc friendly and it has expandable memory. :)


I love the Sansa. My wife washed hers a little while ago and we haven't found a good enough deal until this one rolled around.

In for 1...maybe 2 as a backup?


deeeeeeeeeeernnn I want an 8gig!!!!!


Ohhh there is an 8gig on page 2!!!! FYI


Have owned/used the 4G model for well over a year, very pleased with sound quality. Battery life isn't exceptional but totally acceptable for long flights, and recharges quickly via the USB cable. Be sure to d/l the video converter if you want to view. Only problem I've had isn't a biggie, but the folder names on the expansion card are changed by the Fuze every time I modify the files, so if I name a folder "Rock" it may be "New Folder" when I try to open it up. A small nuisance, really. The FM radio is a nice extra, too.