dealsacco recycled paper clips, 100/box, 10 boxes/packā€¦


How do you choose to ship to a FedEx location?


@urcleman, go to your cart. There will be two options next to your item: Store Pickup or Ship to Home. Select "Store Pickup." At checkout, you can choose your pickup location. You can click the "Change pickup location" button underneath the store address in the shipping & pickup step of checkout. There will be two tabs, one for Walmart and one for FedEx Office, depending on the availability of FedEx branches in your area. (Not all FedEx locations participate in the Ship-to-Store program)


@wheretheworldmeets: Thanks for the reply! I appreciate your help. :)


Is a recycled paperclip just a paperclip you use more than once? Because, like, all of my paperclips are recycled in that case.