dealsgear one g100dx isolation headphones for $9.99…


Seems the Music123 is also selling them for the same price on Amazon. Never heard of these, there is no mention of the on Head-Fi anywhere.

Don't believe these should have a MSRP of $99.99. I've seen other companies do this before. Have a super high "normal" price, then sell them for 1/10th as a "sale".

Buyer Beware, (even if it is only $10).



Made a very Un-Woot like move, filled in all my info expecting free shipping and was charged $3.49 for "Economy Ground" I should know better, never fill in your info unless you have the total price. We'll see how these turn out....


From a review: "They are extremely uncomfortable, cheaply made, and sound awful."

All I need to hear.