dealscall of duty: black ops ii (choice of xbox 360 or…


just ordered.
I've had good & bad experiences with dailysteals, I'm hoping this one goes into the "good" category.


Also ordered. I haven't bought a playstation game in nearly a year, so why not?


Either platform is 49.99 at Toys R Us right now,so I'd rather buy in store and have immediately.


@n1892: Awesome, thanks for that. I'm going to run to Toys R Us during lunch tomorrow and see if I can grab it for $45. It comes out to $49.98 on DailySteals because of $4.99 shipping.


@n1892: I opted for the online deal since it didn't charge sales tax, so that saved me a few bucks.


I thought it looked good, so I jumped...


Sometimes shipping takes a week, other times it takes a month. It usually varies upon what they have in stock, so I bet this will be fine.


@sunshine43: i ordered mine sunday, and had to choose shipping ,because there was no option for instore pickup, i havent even gotten a confirmation for shipping, nor did the order process, and its been almost 4 business days.... and theres no option to cancel my order, so essentially its stuck in limbo


Can someone post when theirs ships?