dealsspecial "black friday" hosting package - free…


Price shown above is the monthly rate, which comes to only $45/year.

Use your unlimited hosting space for remote file storage. Use the built-in file manager to backup your important photos or other important files.


LOL So someone has to spend $45 to get a free domain? Nice self-advertising...


Just in case you missed it... the offer is for a hosting package (with unlimited space, etc) for $45 per year. The free domain is an additional bonus, not the reason for spending $45. What makes this offer unique is that domains traditionally cost an additional amount above the hosting charge (often around $10 or more).

This is intended to be a wholesale pricing offered from one BOC-lover to another. It is intended as more of a courtesy to fellow wooters than "self-promotion"... especially since I am not really making any money with this offer. Thank you for spitting on my humble offer none-the-less.