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Bought one of these a couple weeks ago. Sounds fantastic. Interferes with my wifi network. Trying to return it.


C*net review from Feb 22, 2012 – "The Boston Acoustic TVee Model 25 is a competent, but unexceptional, sound bar with some design flaws that make it not quite worth its (cost)... Gives 3 of 5 stars


@nmanx62: i've liked every boston acoustics tvee soundbar i've bought (and i've bought 3)


Wooted this a week ago. First one came and the sound bar wouldn't stay on and the sub was constantly buzzing. Exchanged it for a second one and that one's sub won't stay on. That was just last night (so maybe I'm a little bitter at the moment). At any rate, it looks nice, it sounds alright (when it's on, which mine haven't been for long) but I'd be a little cautious about it.
In related news, Woot's support crew has been awesome. First time dealing with them (20+ woots) and I've got no complaints about them, they're sending me the exact sealed boxes I ordered in a timely fashion. Just wish what was in them worked (not totally Woot's fault, that).


I wooted one of these a few months ago. It works. It is worth $129.99 and not a penny more. It's controls are janky and difficult to use. The input selector has no indication of which input it's on. The lights flash in patterns as if I'm suppose to have a translation card in my hand. The sound quality is bordering on bad, but it's louder and better than TV speakers. If I were to do it again, I would hold out for a Samsung. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH YOUR TV REMOTE unless you have a programable remote like one of those digital LCD logitechs.


I got one last time. I like it. It will not change the baby but it will spice up your TV's terrible built in sound. Had separate speakers but did not realize how "together" the TV could sound. Not the most intuitive set up ever and at first it sounded just plain bland. After warming to it's task..great. If you want or need a $1k sound go buy something else at full retail...if you want better than stock...much better...than this might do it for you as it did for me.


@wootatoottoot: I'm thinking maybe there's some middle ground between paying $1,000 for a system and this. No HDMI input, eh?


Bought this last time, volume controls with my tv remote. Setup was easy, used an optical cable. Sounds amazing for the price. If I wanted better sound, I would be paying a lot more.